About Us

Founded in 1993, CCI Telecom Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Statesville, North Carolina.  The company’s service area includes North and South Carolina. CCI focuses on business telephone systems, voice mail systems, and data networks.

Our outside sales team stands ready to handle the special needs of our corporate clients.  They can showcase the latest in voice and data applications to help your business be more productive.

CCI’s provides solutions for small and large business clients.  As an exclusive Avaya dealer, our technicians are trained at the highest level to assure our customers systems are running at peak performance.  Our data team can design, implement, and install a state of the art network ranging from small network applications to wide area networks.

It’s simple, we provide solutions.  CCI was founded on this principle.  Products are highly scrutinized and tested in house before being rolled out to customers.  If we won’t use it how can we expect our customers to see value in it?  No value means no sale.

CCI’s vision is simple but dead on accurate for today’s complex communication industry. 

CCI founder Todd Rankin states, “We must break it down for the customer and provide not only answers but solutions to complicated questions and issues.  This is the only way to gain our customers confidence.  Then we must reaffirm that confidence with timely and efficient delivery of our services.  This is where we must shine.”

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to be the leading company in the communications industry, providing superior systems and customer service at the “best possible costs,” while creating long term rewards and value for our customers and employees. Value will be created through a careful analysis of markets, prudent business decisions, controlled growth, and well managed operating efficiencies as the “best cost” provider. Continued innovation will be achieved through our entrepreneurial spirit fostered by a creative and committed employee base.